Georg Bechter Lighting Solutions


In 2010, Georg Bechter founded his business for the purpose of re-thinking light and space. Born and raised in the Bregenzerwald, he finished his secondary education and trained as a cabinet maker at the Higher Technical College in Imst, Tyrol. He then went on to study architecture at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, also trying his hands at sculpting for a few semesters. With a background as solid as this, he quickly made a name for himself in the design scene and, besides working on architectural projects, won several awards for his integrated lighting solutions. Already in 2009 the jury of Handwerk + Form had praised him for his “smart and viable way of merging surface and light”. While he still runs his architectural office on his own, the lighting business has been turned into a GmbH (private limited company) and employs nine people, including architects and industrial designers in the office and skilled experts in production and sales. Bechter’s own passion lies in translating ideas into prototypes and getting them ready for serial production. He is very hands-on when it comes to testing the viability of an idea. Finding solutions for integrated lighting is a very complex task and best accomplished in teamwork. When conception, production and outsourcing go hand-in-hand, everyone benefits. Thanks to the Bregenzerwald’s strong craft culture, 85 per cent of co-operating partners are locals. This keeps added value in the region, living standards high and the business growing.

Re-thinking light and room is the business of Georg Bechter, an artisanal architect. His clients are mostly designers and architects. In this new field he aims to be ahead of standard lighting solutions through precise craftsmanship, accomplished in team work. 85 per cent of co-operating partners are locals. This keeps added value in the region, living standards high and the business growing.

Georg Bechter enjoyed the luxury of having a workshop from an early age. In his family’s barn he experimented with plaster and silicone, building his first stencils and moulds. The tools were simple and easy to handle for one person: bucket, vibrating plate, egg whisk and sandpaper for finishing. Over the years, the barn became too small for his series of casting and finishing of lighting modules. Increasing demand and the development of new installation methods required moving into new premises in the heart of Langenegg in 2012. Production, dispatch and logistics are now in a separate building, a few steps from the design office. Orders are made from either the catalogue or in person for special projects. Up to 100 elements can be finished per day, from casting to dispatch. Clients are mostly architects, lighting designers and electricians.
In 2020, Bechter wants to have all fields of business under one roof and further let the shared knowledge and skill permeate all aspects of the production chain.

Casting stencils and moulds, manual finishing with sandpaper are some of the applied techniques.

Lighting module Verve is a true pioneer among wall-installed lights. Light emerges from the flush-mounted centre, blurring the lines between wall and light and thus creating a whole new atmosphere. Its advanced version, the System DOT 28, showcases all its creative potential for a whole range of solutions. This dot, only 28 mm wide and flush-mounted into the ceiling, works with all radiation angles, colour temperatures and output levels. It can be installed in plaster, drywall, concrete and wood. A non-glare ring makes for glare-free light, and there is a splash proof version for roofed outdoor areas or bathrooms. DOT Baldachin, again, allows for the installation of pendant luminaires or the creation of sculptural lighting effects. Here, mounting and electrical supply are fully integrated in the outlet. All products and options are laid out in a detailed, well-structured catalogue, documenting Bechter’s journey from inventor to entrepreneur.
Merging light and room — this is and will be Bechter’s focus, this is where he aims to be ahead of standard solutions also in the future. Through precise craftsmanship and sophisticated, beautiful solutions.