Rüscher Cabinet Making


Motivated for four generations

Wood plays a significant role in contemporary living, not least because of skilled, passionate, energetic craftspeople. Like the ones at Tischlerei Rüscher. In 1910, Anton Rüscher started repairing furniture in his workshop. Many still remember him for his talent for improvising and finding practical solutions, traits that also guided his son Gebhard when he took over business in the 1950s. A skilled craftsmen with fresh ideas, he took advantage of the economic upswing at the time and decided to switch from repairing to making furniture. He also has the gift to excite young people for the craft and teach them all the skills needed. His own three sons bear witness to this: Since 1986, Heinz, Tone and Christian have been taking care of the business, each in his own, clearly defined field of responsibility. Their decision to pursue a timeless, functional aesthetic and to cooperate with architects and other partners proved to be ground-breaking for the whole branch of craftsmanship in the Bregenzerwald. Initiatives like the Handwerk + Form competition and the establishment of Werkraum Bregenzerwald in 1999 were to follow. The markets grew wider, the economic foundation of crafts enterprises more stable. Meanwhile at Tischlerei Rüscher, more sons have joined the business: Nicki, Richard and Max are the fourth generation of Rüscher cabinet makers. All of them have completed secondary education and trained as apprentices in their family’s workshop, and they are ready to meet the future with artistic, cultural minds.

Maintaining the company’s good reputation and attracting good professionals also in the future is the vision of a family of cabinet makers, whose history goes back to 1910. Today the fourth generation is ready to meet the future with artistic and cultural minds in this innovative workshop. Projects are realised in a well coordinated team, the high quality furnishing of hotels and homes, in a timeless and functional aesthetic, is appreciated in the region and abroad.

The Rüschers always stuck to their original location in the village of Schnepfau in the back part of the Bregenzerwald valley. Business grew, and so did the company building: Workspaces spread over several storeys on a total of 3,000sqm. A new building is about to be erected nearby, there, everything will be under one roof at ground level: showroom, customer service area, planning and administration, works preparation, storage, production and dispatch. And then let’s not forget about on-site work: When it comes to interior fittings, an important field of business besides individual furniture, it takes the concentrated effort and know-how of a team of fitters working on location, be it in the region or abroad. They know each screw and each tool, they know how to combine them, how to assemble and make it all work. In a company with 22 employees, the workforce is its most important and valuable resource. In a crafts enterprise, a social organism in itself, giving apprentices comprehensive training is key. At Tischlerei Rüscher with its state-of-the-art workshop, they learn to use both analogue and digital technologies and are encouraged to participate in competitions. Communication –  keeping in touch – is the glue that holds the team together, and keeping in touch is also vital when working with wood, a living material that has its own distinctive properties and characteristics.

At Tischlerei Rüscher with its state-of-the-art workshop analogue and digital technologies are used both.

At the moment, 47 hotel rooms for a five-star hotel in Bregenz, designed by Dorner/Matt architects, are being made in the workshop. Wood plays an essential role when it comes to creating comfort and atmosphere in a room. In recent years, the cultural perception of wood has changed a lot; hotels – and their guests – appreciate the high-quality furnishing of rooms with wood from bed to floor. To realise such projects, however, it takes a well-coordinated team effort by building owner, architects and craftspeople. At Tischlerei Rüscher, the order is completed within the scheduled period of four months. Most of the time goes into precise CAD planning and work preparation in the office and, later, precise assembly on site. In between are cutting, machining, surface technology and completion. Other craftspeople involved in this particular job are upholsterer, locksmith and carpenter. And then there it is, a result that is the exact expression of everything that was put into it.

As long as there are young people and family members in the business and everyone feels responsible for the big picture, the future is bright for an enterprise like this. The vision? Maintaining the company’s good reputation and attracting good professionals also in the future.