The Bregenzerwald region comprises various environments providing a wide range of inspirations and experiences that can be directly transferred to the design process. In order to create a better understanding of the region, its aesthetic essence and rich tradition of crafts, chmara.rosinke went on workshop visits and research trips to the Werkraumhaus and its permanent collection, to exhibitions of crafts objects and on hikes and walks in the surrounding area. The duo set out to document the region’s flora and fauna as well as its architecture and the development of the built environment over the last centuries. The personal exchange with craftspeople proved to be essential to the research process. Their stories and material knowledge explained the specific use, functionality and characteristics of various regional types of wood. 

In their research, the designers eventually focused on the kitchen and dining area, a space they identified as a home’s social hub. From the perspective of a reinterpretation, chmara.rosinke sought to include specific traits of the Bregenzerwald in their design process. Together with a group of craftspeople, all of them members of Werkraum Bregenzerwald, they designed a formal kitchen setting that showcases the characteristics of the region’s landscape and its architectural language. Each object is defined by an unusual mix of crafts or materials and reflects the ideas and aesthetics that have been apparent to the designers during their time as artist in residence in the Bregenzerwald.

Organised by: Werkraum Bregenzerwald, Photos: © chmara.rosinke.